Thank you for your interest in enrolling in Alesco Secondary College.

To request a copy of the application form please phone the office on (02) 4925 4200 and request a copy be sent, faxed or emailed out to you.

Alternatively, you can access a copy of the application form here

The school will notify you of the results of your application. The information you have provided will be used by the school to determine the application to progress to stage 2 which is an interview.

As a part of the application students will need to provide:

  • A copy of proof of identity including date of birth
  • A copy of the most recent school report
  • Copies of any other supporting documentation (such as support letters etc)
  • Copies of any other legal documentation relevant to school enrolment (court orders etc)

Your privacy is protected

This school is subject to the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002.
The information you provide will be used to process a young person鈥檚 application for enrolment, which may include a risk assessment.

It will only be used or disclosed for the following purposes:

  • General student administration relating to the education and welfare of the student
  • Communication with students and parents or carers
  • To ensure the health, safety and welfare of students, staff and visitors to the school
  • State and National reporting purposes
  • For any other purpose required by law.

The information will be stored securely. Students may access or correct any personal information by contacting the school. If you have a concern or complaint about the way your personal information has been collected, used, or disclosed, you should contact the school.

Do I have to answer all the questions?

The information you provide will assist the school in communicating with you and your child and provide the right kind of support while at school. Should you submit an incomplete form, processing your application may be delayed and the quality of our service to you may be affected.

Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence. In the event that statements made in this application later prove to be false or misleading, any decision made as a result of an application may be reversed.

Why have we asked for information about Parent/Guardian occupation and education?

All Australian Education Ministers have agreed on National Goals for Schooling in the 21st Century. As a part of this, all schools must now ask for information regarding the family background of students. The main purpose of collecting this information is to promote an education system that is fair for all Australian students regardless of their background. We use the information to evaluate whether our policies are effective and to ensure that no group is experiencing undue disadvantage because of their economic or social background. Providing information about your occupation and education is voluntary and you do not have to answer if you do not wish to.


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